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Becometh As a Child

Kid Gives Motivational Speech 

Positive Affirmations

I love little Kids. I love their confidence, I love their happiness, and I love how positive they are. Children are shameless, honest, and humble. Have you ever noticed how you can upset a little kid, but then 2 minutes later the child has forgotten and is your best friend. And then there are adults. You can upset them and then maybe two days later they are still trying to forget and are considering being your friend again. The phrase “Becometh As a Child” comes from the Bible, but whether or not you’re religious, it is applicable and good counsel for anyone. If we were all a little more like children- happy, loving, and quick to forgive, then we would have a much more loving and peaceful world. I love these two videos. I love the confidence of the children. I love the positive energy. I love their example. Within the next couple of weeks my first child will be born. I have been preparing my whole life to be able to teach and care for him, but I have a feeling that he will teach me a lot more than I will teach him.


Rugby Star Gives Up Millions for Mission

William Hopoate Clip #1 

William Hopoate Clip #2 

William Hopoate is a rising star in the NRL (National Rugby League).  He is seen as the best teenage rugby player in the entire world.  A google or youtube search of his name reveals countless highlight reals and honors.  What makes him even more impressive is that he is giving it up to become a Missionary.  Despite being offered million dollar contracts, Will remains unshaken in his decision to give up the game he loves for two years of service at his own expense.  What is amazing is not just that he is Mormon or just that he is going to be a missionary, rather that a young man is giving up over a million dollars to pursue something he believes in.  In a world of buy now, pay latter and pleasure now, consequences later, his decision is inspiring and admirable.  I admire his courage.  I admire his selflessness.  I admire that he is putting off the pleasures of the presents for the hope of greater future.


Slain Officer’s Final Act of Kindness

Final Act – NBC Story 

Final Act – ABC Story

Just moments before Jeremy Henwood was gunned down, he was caught on tape performing one last act of kindness- a symbol of the kind of person he was.  Henwood was a 36 year old San Diego police officer and a Captain in the Marine Corps Reserves.  He had just recently returned to the police department after a deployment to Afghanistan and had previously performed two combat deployments in Iraq.  Moments before his death in early August of this year, Jeremy was caught on tape buying a young boy some cookies at McDonalds.  A small, yet genuine and monumental act of kindness.  The boy tells his story and the inspiration this act was to him in the video clips above.  Just blocks away from McDonalds, while stopped at a traffic light, a car pulled up next to him and gunned Officer Henwood down.  The gunman was later killed in a shootout with police.  The violent act was unprovoked by Henwood and there was no connection between him and the gunman.  Three times he was deployed into “enemy territory” and three times he returned safely.  Ironically, it was at “home” amongst Americans that he was killed.  What a truly tragic story, a sickening act that leaves you questioning the civility and humanity of mankind.  But then there is Jeremy Henwood and his final act.  An act that normally would have gone unnoticed.  It is his act of kindness that still gives us hope.


Fighting Battles With Humor

Colbert In Congress  Colbert Commencement Speech 

Within it’s first month of airing on Comedy Central, the Colbert Report was already amongst the networks highest rated programs.  Since then, Steven Colbert has rocketed into the media’s eye.  With ease and tact unlike any other, Colbert combines two unlikely foes and makes them friends – politics and humor.  In 2006 Colbert was the featured entertainer at the White house Correspondents’ Association Dinner, during which he daringly targeting President Bush and the media with humor.  Many, including myself, thought that daring performance of comedy would be unmatched, but that all changed in 2010 when Colbert was invited to testify before Congress.  Doing what he does best, Colbert combined guts, tact, humor, and politics and did what nobody else could so cleverly do.

Humor Crosses Boundaries Is there anyone who doesn’t like to laugh? Think about it. From the strong to weak, the cruel to kind, the violent to peaceful, the violent to the friendly – Everyone enjoys some good humor. Regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, or gender, the joy of laughing is something we all have in common. Even the hardest hearts get “cracked up” and softened with a drop of “FUNNY!”

Fighting War With Humor Could we really fight a war with humor? Is it possible? Scott Carrier is a writer, radio producer, author, educator, and one of the only Utah journalists ever to win a peabody award.  In 2001, after the US invasion of Afghanistan, he decided he wanted to go there and meet the “enemy” and find out what life was like from their eyes.  He traveled with, talked with, and laughed with members of the Taliban.  In a recent discussion with Scott about the ethical nature of using unmanned droids to fight a war, I asked, “Well then, how would you fight a war?”  “With humor,” he said. I’ve thought a lot about this.  While it may be impossible to really fight a war with humor, I think there is something profound about his statement.  Once again, think about it.  Humor is common ground.  It is a way to connect with those who are like and unlike us.  It breaks down walls and bias.  It cures the awkward and uncomfortable and makes the boring appealing.  It builds trust and camaraderie.  And there are some, like Colbert, who have a gift for using humor these ways.


Breaking Boundaries & Exceeding Expectations

Struck Out By A Girl 

Hoop Dreams – Autistic Inspiration 

I love inspirational, true stories.  There is just something powerful in a true story in which someone breaks boundaries and exceeds expectations.  As a child I grew up watching “Rudy”, “Hoosiers”, and “Glory Road”.  As an adult I rewatch these same movies every year and they continue to inspire me.  The Stories of Chelsea Baker and Jason McElwain are modern day “Rudys”.  Chelsea Baker, a little league baseball pitcher hasn’t lost a BASEBALL game in years.  She fell in love with baseball and when the time came for her to move on to softball, she didn’t want to give up the game she loved.  In the face of doubters that thought she couldn’t play with the boys, Chelsea developed a wicked knuckleball that makes little boys cry.  Jason McElwain is autistic, but that didn’t minimize his love and desire to play basketball.  It was his dream to play for his high school team.  That dream came true in one magical night in which he exceeded the expectations of all.


Seeing Without Eyes

Boy Uses Echolocation to See 

Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood is blind, but that doesn’t slow him down.  He still plays basketball, rollerblades, plays video games, and does nearly everything a normal kid does.  In fact, after seeing all the things he could do I began to wonder if he was only partially blind or not even blind at all.  That was until I saw a video of him putting his eyes in. That’s right, Ben literally does not even have eyes.  At the age of two Ben lost both of his eyes to cancer, but he doesn’t let that stop him.  Through determination, Ben has learned to see using echolocation, much like a dolphin does.  By making a clicking sound with his tongue, he navigates his way through life as if he wasn’t blind at all.  Check out the videos, you’ll be just as amazed as I was!  Talk about not letting anything get you down.  When I think of Ben’s story I think if there is a will, there is a way.  We are incredible beings and have within us the ability to adapt and succeed in any situation life throws at us.  When you’re facing an obstacle you think you cannot overcome, think of Ben.  Sadly, at the age of 16 Ben passed away when cancer returned to his body, but he was a fighter.  He lived life to the fullest.


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  1. I love Steven Colbert because I actually do learn a lot about politics and world news, but in a humorous and enjoyable way! 🙂 Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I love that he is going on a mission…thats dedication

  3. Chris! You site has a good purpose and it is very nice looking!

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